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In the ever-changing business environment, it is important for businesses to gain the substantial competitive advantage. In recent times, the role of CFO has changed from a mere financial police to advising on a wide range of company’s issues.

Not all businesses have deep pockets and want full-time CFO. With our economical CFO services, you can enjoy CFO services and get maximum benefit out of your investments. Due to extensive experience of various industries which we hold, you can get best in class services with Hallmark Auditors.

We get you to the table Greater flexibility, Shared intellectual capital, Cost efficiency, improved oversight. Also known as Virtual CFO, an outsourced CFO activity performs all the important financial functions

Finance and accounting are the two terms which cannot be avoided for any firm. As long as a company has a credible and trustworthy CFO Service, they are handling the business the right way.  Dubai, one of the prime cities in the world, CFO Services becomes one of the important aspects here. CFO is basically the assigned corporate officer who is responsible for managing, planning, recording and tracking the company accounts. He/ she will be taking the accounts or financial management into optimum level of professionalism.

Considering the more detailed description of CFO, there requires a need for small explanation in key areas.

Articulating tactic: The CFO works mostly with the higher management, especially with the CEO of the company. It is the duty of the CFO to re-examine whether the financial goals are achieved for the current year. The effective use of money and shares has to be given much importance. As we all know that the focus point of any company is to maximize profit through the available resources. CFO will be responsible for planning the strategies and methods of financial allocation.

Procedures: As per the company policy, a CFO has to be part of the action plan. He/ she should be able to understand the financial currents outside and save the company from risky situations. Fixing up the missing links in finance has to be finished by a CFO.

Financial Architect: The CFO needs to guarantee that the accurate financial documents are prearranged to the concerned personnel for assigned business deals. There are various time schedules to carry each project on finance and the chief person to carry out those will be a CFO.

Creative and innovative:  Dubai is a dynamic city and there are so many changes happening on a day to day basis.  An efficient CFO keeps a vigilant track on the financial activities happening in and around Dubai as well as the financial trend all over the world. In order to be a pro in all these, a person has to be innovative and creative in making decisions on investments as well as money management. It can be considered as a cyclic project which functions by investing first and getting back the profit from the same.

Hallmark International promises excellent CFO Service to enhance the quality of your firm. There won’t be any confusions in what to do next for the companies who are struggling with proper CFO services in Dubai. Finance controlling and fund allocation needs to be done with optimum perfection because mismanagement can result in a loss. We are up to date on Dubai laws as well as the financial shift in the overall market. We do suggest a method which will be suitable for the company size and financial capacity.  Our quality services include: Handling the CFO service on a full time or part time, Preparing review reports on the financial processes, Analysis on the profit flow and suggesting the ways to improve it, Improvising the existing policies, Reviewing the insurance policies and suggesting the changes, checking the documents and making sure it is legally authorised etc

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