What is tax?
What is VAT Tax?
What is the difference between VAT and Sales Tax?
Which tax system is preferred by Governments in different countries? VAT or Sales Tax? And why?
What will be the rates of VAT in UAE?
What will be the mechanism of Government to collect the VAT from each customer?
Why VAT is going to be implemented in UAE?
When will VAT be implemented in UAE?
Will UAE VAT cover all products and services?
When can business entities start registering for VAT?
When the VAT is returns to be filed?
Whether business entities have to prepare anything in advance for VAT? If so what are those?
Whether Income Tax will also come into effect in UAE?
What will be impact on UAE economy once VAT is implemented?
What is the VAT liability of a registered business entity?
What are the VAT exempted items in UAE?
Whether UAE VAT is applicable in the service sector?
Is VAT applicable in Export?
How to take refund from VAT?